I am Katy Bradbury, a registered nurse and nutritional therapist. I remember exactly what it felt like when I couldn’t get pregnant. I always wanted to be a mother, that urge is at my very core, but I waited until the right time. Got my nursing career into a stable place, got a house, got married. When the time was finally right to start trying for a baby, I was so excited! But then it just didn’t happen. A year went by and then two, Drs said my tests were normal, and I spiralled into anxiety and depression. I had irregular cycles after coming off the pill and I didn’t understand how I could get them back into gear. I remember sometimes getting early pregnancy symptoms and being SO convinced this was it, but it was negative test after negative test, and every time my period came I would feel devastated. When I trained in nutritional therapy I learnt about the impact that diet and lifestyle could have on reproductive health. But it was only when I finally said enough is enough and took the time and energy to prioritise myself and my own health, to slow down, to understand my body and the messages it was telling me, that something finally CLICKED and I got pregnant just before my first IVF appointment! 

Since then I have dedicated my practice to supporting other couples to get their dream of becoming pregnant. In 2020 I spent an additional year doing a specialist training course on top of my other qualifications in fertility nutrition. So although I am a firm believer that you NEVER stop learning, I am pleased to be in a position of having an in-depth knowledge of fertility and the many things that can impact it, and a comprehensive understanding of how to support the body to do what it wants to do at one of its core biological functions: to reproduce! 

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Fertility and the First 1,000 Days Membership

Come with me to join the movement that is revolutionising Women’s Health and Wellbeing, and finally giving it the space it deserves to flourish, with a specific focus on fertility, pregnancy and the early years of parenting.

I am Katy Bradbury, registered nurse and nutritional therapist. I am one of the UK's leading specialists in fertility and use up to date evidence to shape my practice. I have over 10 years experience in the field of maternal and infant health, and I love nothing more than sharing what I know to help people on their journeys to and through parenthood. As well as nutrition and public health, I have many years of study behind me covering human evolution, brain development, behaviour change, counselling and fertility, pregnancy and parenting.

This membership was created because through my experience delivering 1:1 support and group programmes, it was clear that there is a huge need for connection, community and having a safe space to just be yourself, and to be guided and supported through making the right changes to help you towards your goals, wherever you are at on this rollercoaster journey from pre-conception through to the early years of parenthood.

This membership is holistic in nature and is designed to act as a one stop shop for all of your health and wellbeing needs during this time. 

As well as being packed full of resources (which will be regularly updated and built on in accordance with what you say you need most), the membership is shaped by regular group coaching calls, delivered online in a space that is private, supportive and nurturing. 

Once a month you can join for a Masterclass which will either be a guest expert session or a practical hands on session with Katy.

This is the BEST value product that Katy offers, as you get direct access to her support and expertise for a fraction of the cost of 1:1 work. And as if that isn't enough, all members get a 10% discount on any other Katy Bradbury Health Ltd products and services including her signature 12 week Fundamentals for Fertility Course, 1:1 work, and face to face events such as workshops and retreats. 

12 Week Fundamentals for Fertility Course with Katy Bradbury (evergreen)

Welcome to the 12 week Fundamentals for Fertility course with Katy Bradbury, registered nurse and nutritional therapist. 

This course will guide you through all of the elements needed to bring your body back into a state of balance where it can prioritise making babies, by addressing the six fundamental elements for creating a healthy pregnancy.

This is suitable for people on any kind of fertility journey, and can be carried out alone, or complemented with either group support via the Fertility and the First 1,000 Days Membership, or by signing up for 1:1 support for tailored recommendations, lab testing and supplement advice.

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